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Advice & Information on the treatment of rats/mice

If you are worried there may be rodents in your home, it is  important that you contact Glasgow City Council (GCC) for assistance in dealing with the problem. GCC investigate and treat mice when they are inside domestic properties. Rats are treated when they are inside or outside domestic properties. Please do not call the Association in the first instance.

This is a free service to tenants and can be accessed by the following contact methods:

Phone:  0141 287 1059



GCC, Pest Control Officers advise that holes (e.g. around skirting/floor-boards or in cupboards) should not be filled until treatment is complete to avoid pests being trapped in the building. 

Once the treatment is complete, please contact the office on 0141 944 8282 to arrange for holes and/or points of access to be filled in.

Help protect your home from mice or rat infestations by:

• Keeping food products in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids

• Putting outdoor rubbish bags in wheelie bins with closed lids to prevent rodents feeding on the contents

• Cleaning up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids—preferably above ground level

• Keeping gardens free from debris and keep clutter to a minimum

·      Don’t feed birds with bread as the rodents will be attracted to this